Chemmanur Entrepreneurial Mindset Program (CEMP)

What is the CEMP (Chemmanur Entrepreneurial Mindset Program)

An Entrepreneurial mindset is a problem solving Mindset . People often mistake it to starting a new company, but it’s not. You can be working in a company and still have the mindset of an entrepreneur. It usually is about the way you think, plan & act towards your goals & react to opportunities around you. Who is an entrepreneur?.  An entrepreneur is a problem solver who focuses on solutions and opportunities .

People with entrepreneurial mindsets are often drawn to opportunities, innovation & new value creation. Characteristics include the ability to take calculated risks and accept the realities of change and uncertainty.

The below qualities of an entrepreneurial mindset will help you at work

1. You will take action. Not just plan but focus on execution.
2. You will be resourceful. Get things done by going out of the way.
3. You will obsess about process and results. You will focus on what matters.
4. You love challenges. You take risks. You are not afraid of failure.
5. You are constantly building skills . You don’t waste time.
6. You learn from experts. You build teams & relationships to collaborate

Program 1: Entrepreneurial Mindset Challenge

Why and How to create an Entrepreneurial Mindset in children – For Parents / Schools/Teachers .

  1. For Parents : It has become relevant to create an entrepreneurial mindset in our children and as parents how do we go about doing it. How do we instill confidence and resilience in our children and prepare them to survive and thrive in an unexpected environment.
  2. For Schools / Teachers :- How to create an entrepreneurial Mindset in children during regular classes , to increase self confidence, internally motivate children to research and self learn , where the teacher acts as a facilitator to create a highly engaged learning environment.

Program 2 : Entrepreneurial Mindset Mastery

Why and How to create an entrepreneurial Mindset within Corporate teams , start ups, Entrepreneurs , Professionals .

  1. For Corporate Teams :- INTRAPRENEURSHIP , How to create an Entrepreneurial Mindset among professional teams in companies for high productivity , team skills , innovation and to inculcate ownership.
  2. For Start Ups , Entrepreneurs & Professionals :- To create a resilient Mindset which is ready to adapt quickly and to learn entrepreneurial skills necessary for survival in todays uncertain times

Program 3 :- One to One consultation .

Here the focus is on monitoring the actual execution of the individual action plan

Its not about the number of hours of training , its about the impact we can create in the shortest period of time at the lowest cost by creating an environment of learning where the trainer acts more as a facilitator with a focus on making the sessions interesting , engaging and impactful.

The sessions are executed and monitored through a user friendly LMS . We follow a  blended learning approach which includes video/audio  clippings , PPT’s / worksheets / practical action oriented assignments and  evaluations with certification .

TIE Young Entrepreneur (TYE) of TIE Kerala .

Our Director Anisha Cherian who is a Charter member and Vice President designate of TIE Kerala  is the lead for the TYE program ( The Young Entrepreneur).  She initiated the TYE program in 2017 for TIE Kerala and was instrumental in creating its training structure ,curriculum and launching the program in multiple reputed Private schools including Choice school,, Global Public School ,TRINS – Trivandrum International School)  etc and multiple Government Schools in various districts of Kerala . The program has already earned a strong reputation has been spreading in Kerala over the last few years due to its high impact in producing transformative change to the participants over a short timeline of 50+ hrs. The program culminates in a Global competition with participation from 32+ TIE chapters around the world . The TIE Kerala teams cleared the semi finals in 2018 and 2019 .

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