Home-based MT Training

Medical Transcription

Chemmanur Academy introduced Medical Transcription training in the year 2004.The academy ensures that the trainee is provided full support throughout the training and 100% placement assistance after course completion. For this purpose, Chemmanur Academy has established associations with leading MT Companies for conducting regular interviews and tests . We promote the study at home . Only Medical Transcription gives the option to earn from home and also work part time . Ideal for students, housewives, retired professionals, etc.

Minimum eligibility

+2 and eagerness to learn and work


No medical background is necessary

Language Skill

Good ENGLISH language skill is a requirement


No Age Limit


Computer/laptop with headphones.

Contact classes

Contact classes via skype / phone / center on Saturdays.

Course Duration

4 to 6 months


Exam and certificate provided.


Placement assistance available

Skills Attained

  • Improvement in writing, listening, comprehension, and understanding English of different accents.
  • Computer, software and keyboard skills.
  • Current medical terminologies, drugs, and report formats.

MT Training Kit Provided

  • Theory CDs
  • Transcription audio files CDs
  • Medical Transcription text book

Medical transcription as a profession

An Individual who performs medical transcription is known as a medical transcriptionist or an MT. A medical transcriptionist is the person responsible for converting medical audio files of a patient’s medical records into typewritten format for the main purpose of receiving insurance payments.

Medical Transcriptionist

Transcribes the audio dictations of doctor-patient interactions, creating the reports that constitute patient medical records.

Medical Transcription Editor

Corrects and edits audio dictation reports that are generated by speech recognition software (Medical Transcription Editors are specialized medical transcriptionists).

Who Will Want to Hire You?

  • 80% work from home
  • Remote Medical Transcription Services
  • Organizations (MTSOs)
  • Hospitals/ clinics
  • Physician Offices
  • Insurance Companies

Benefits of a Medical Transcription and Editing Career

  • Work from home
  • Interesting career
  • Flexible hours
  • Time with family
  • Job security
  • Improve ones english language , computer and typing skills .
  • High incentive per line
  • Interesting career
  • Learn Medical terminologies
  • Work in hospital or physician office
  • Career advancement opportunities
  • No Travel & other expenses