Leadership Training Programs for Companies

Chemmanur Academy undertakes Leadership training programs in the duration of minimum 6 to 12 mths for companies . The first step is to assess need and HR challenges faced through interactions with the HR team and accordingly a custom made proposal will be sent to the company for approval . Depending on the deliverables , a training model created and delivered through an empaneled team. The leadership training sessions for decision makers of the company will be delivered by Anisha personally .

Training Reviews

Depending on the requirements , the proposal may include the following methodology and deliverables

  • Duration – 6 months to 1yr Contract.
  • Delivery – 2 to 3 days/month, 8hrs/day , depending on the requirements.
  • Maximum Participants – 20/batch
  • Eg – 1st day –
    Morning – Group Training of Leadership Principles and Management concepts
    Afternoon – Specific Group activities , Worksheets, Workshops
  • Eg – 2nd day – Individual coaching , 1hr/person, to assist in the monitoring of actual implementation of management concepts.
  • Will follow in the ratio of 70:30 ie majority of the sessions will be workshops / worksheets / activities and 30 % instructional.
  • The main focus will always be on the core individual ie increasing the self confidence and self esteem of the person and only then the subject matter will be dealt with .
  • Questionnaire will be send by the trainer to all participants before certain sessions, to be completed and send back before the start of the session.
Main topics covered
  • Time Management concept and its implementation , How to inspire and motivate and create winning teams , Leadership skills, Team Building , Feedback & Follow up, Aligning Systems and Process to goals , Trust, Hiring, USP, Money Making Model, to create Performance Scoreboards ,
  • Communication Skills – Verbal / Non Verbal/ Body Language / Public Speaking / Elevator Pitch/ Presentations.
  • To create effective meeting processes for efficiency and high productivity.
  • Accountability, Delegation of Responsibility & Creating Ownership
  • Planning, Empowerment, Delegation, Relationships
  • Sales Training & Science of Persuasion & Networking
  • Creativity and Out of the box thinking .
  • Disciplines of Execution.
  • To inculcate Entrepreneurial skills to teams.
  • The sessions will include Group activities, exercises , questionnaires & assessments.
Suggested sessions would include
  • Psychometric evaluation of team
  • 2 day activity based outbound training program to facilitate team building and bonding .

Wonderla training feedback form link : Wonderla training feedback